The Introverted Developer blog was created with one goal in mind, to become a hub for introverted developers to share stories, tips and advice for how to succeed in an otherwise extroverted industry.

About Matt Brailsford

Matt Brailsford

Matt Brailsford, the founder of The Introverted Developer is a self confessed introvert web developer based in England who has worked in the web industry for over 15 years both in agencies and as a freelancer.

Having started his journey of discovery in 2016 after reading The Introvert Advantage, he noticed how little the industry knew about introversion even though coding and programming are highly attractive career choices for introverts.

Initially starting the discussion in his own developer community of Umbraco, Matt created The Introverted Developer blog to help spread the message further and hopefully help introverted developers everywhere know that they are not alone, and that it’s ok to be different.

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